What We Do

  • To oversee and manage the Income Tax policy Unit of the Department which deals with aspects of income tax such as Income Tax Credits Rates & Bands, the Universal Social Charge, the Income Levy, the Health Levy and PRSI. To deal with Mortgage Interest Relief, Medical Expenses Relief and Income tax incentives.
  • To implement all aspects of energy and environmental tax policy in conjunction with the Programme for Government and with Ireland’s environmental commitments at EU level. To oversee the Betting tax legislation and implement policy in this area.
  • To develop and manage an effective domestic VAT policy, through maintaining the integrity of the VAT system and maintaining adequate revenue flows from VAT.
  • To oversee all aspects of Corporation Tax Policy, specifically including taxation of financial services.  This primarily involves developing tax options for the Budget and Finance Bill in line with the Programme for Government.
  • To deal with aspects of corporation tax in an international context. This includes participating in negotiations at EU level on related proposals. Initiatives related to tackling tax fraud and evasion are also included.
  • To deal with international tax agreements, as well as dealing with “legacy” property reliefs, the section deals with film, farming-related and sportspersons reliefs, as well as matters arising from the Living City Initiative.
  • To manage the Finance Bill process, to coordinate the Tax Strategy Group, to deal with policy aspects of tax administration, tax clearance, PSWT, RCT, Revenue powers, the tax appeals process and certain elements of BIK; to deal with pre-Budget submissions received.
  • To monitor and examine the tax system and to implement legislative changes to meet Government policy objectives in the areas of property,- taxations, taxation of savings including DIRT, Stamp Duty and residence issues for individuals.
  • To manage with all aspects of excise tax policy with regard to alcohol, tobacco and vehicle registration tax in line with Government objectives and
    EU commitments.
  • To deal with all tax policy aspects of supplementary pension  provision and capital taxation policy (Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax)