The Tax Strategy Group

The Tax Strategy Group is in place since the early 1990’s and is chaired by the Department of Finance with membership comprising senior officials and political advisers from a number of Civil Service Departments and Offices.

Papers on various options for tax policy changes are prepared annually by Department of Finance officials and all previous papers going back to 2006 are available on the Department’s website. The Tax Strategy Group is not a decision making body and the papers produced by the Department are simply a list of options and issues to be considered in the Budgetary process. Papers relating to PRSI and social welfare issues are also prepared for the Group by the Department of Social Protection.

In line with the Government’s commitment to Budgetary reform including greater engagement with the Oireachtas, the Tax Strategy Group papers are now published in advance of the Budget to facilitate informed discussion.


Budget 2019 Tax Strategy Group Papers – published 30th July 2018

TSG 18-01 – Corporation Tax 

TSG 18-02 – Income Tax 

TSG 18-03 – PRSI – DEASP

TSG 18-04 – Budget 2019 Issues – DEASP

TSG 18-05 – VAT Issues 

Review of 9% VAT rate – Analysis of Economic and Sectoral Developments

TSG 18-06 – General Excise 

TSG 18-07 – Environmental Taxes Paper 

TSG 18-08 – Brexit 

TSG 18-09 – Stamp Duty 

TSG 18-10 – Capital and Savings Taxes


Archive of TSG Papers