Tax Policy Conference

Picture of Jean Acheson, Economic Divison, presenting at Tax Policy Conference

The Tax Policy Conference is an Annual Department of Finance event. The Minister for Finance welcomes senior policy makers, stakeholders and academics from Ireland and abroad, to discuss the challenges to be addressed in key areas of tax policy to promote economic growth, fiscal sustainability and fairness.






5th Annual Department of Finance Tax Policy Conference, 8th March 2018 Presentations:

Do marginal tax rates matter?

Firm Level productivity in Ireland

Measuring the Investment Gap and its Financing Requirements for Irish SMEs


4th Annual Department of Finance Tax Policy Conference, 23rd November 2016 Presentations:

Vitor Gaspar, Director of Fiscal Affairs, IMF

Session 1 – Tax Volatility: Implications of Tax Base Growth for Tax Revenue

Nicholas Macpherson, Former Permanent Secretary to HM Treasury

Session 2 Corporate Taxation and FDI Implications for Tax Policy

Session 3 – Household Wealth in Ireland and Potential Impact of a Wealth Tax

ESRI Working Paper No. 549: Scenarios and Distributional Implications of a Household Wealth Tax in Ireland

ESRI Working Paper No. 537: The Impact of Taxes on the Extensive and Intensive Margins of FDI

ESRI Special Article: Corporate Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment in EU Countries: Policy Implications for Ireland