Draft Stability Programme Update – 17th April 2018

The SPU sets out:

  • Growth forecast for 2018 revised up to 5.6 per cent and up to 4.0 per cent for next year.
  • The labour market will continue to benefit from strong growth in domestic demand, with employment growth of 2.7 per cent forecast for this year.
  • On this basis, there will be more people at work in Ireland by the end of this year than ever before.
  • Unemployment is projected to average 5.8 per cent this year and 5.3 per cent next year.
  • A general government deficit of 0.2 per cent of GDP is projected for this year, unchanged from the Budget-day forecast.  For next year the deficit is projected at 0.1 per cent of GDP.
  • This takes account of additional spending amounting to €2.6 billion, of which almost €1.5 billion relates to capital spending increases set out in the National Development Plan. This includes €0.4 billion for Housing, Planning and Local Government, €0.3 billion for Transport, Tourism and Sport, €0.2 billion for Health, and €0.2 billion for Education. This investment will ensure a sustained increase in social housing delivery, new transport infrastructure and maintenance, along with the prioritisation of additional school infrastructure and the delivery of the National Children’s Hospital.  
  • Our debt position continues to improve, with our general government debt-to-GDP ratio falling to 68 per cent last year and set to decline to 66 per cent this year.  However, the ratio of debt-to-GNI* is projected at 97 per cent for this year.





Summer Economic Statement – July 2017

Image of Summer Economic Statement publication cover

The Summer Economic Statement, published on July 12, forms an integral part of the reformed budgetary process that facilitates a discussion of the options in advance of the annual Budget in October. The Statement, which outlines the broad parameters of the Government’s economic strategy, also provides an updated assessment of the fiscal space for next year. The statement complements the 2017 Stability Programme Update, published in April.













Annual Debt Report 2017

Image of Annual Debt Report publication cover

The annual debt report assesses the evolution of public debt in Ireland.  Structural characteristics of Irish public debt – the composition of debt, the maturity profile, etc. – are outlined.  The report combines a backward-looking (1995-2016) focus with an assessment of the medium-term trajectory for public debt under a range of different scenarios (a debt sustainability analysis).












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