Joint Papers

Economists in the Department collaborate with experts in other government departments, external organisations and academia and produce joint work.  The analysis and views set out in joint papers are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Finance or the Minister for Finance.



Gifts and Inheritances in Ireland

Authors: Martina Lawless (ESRI) and Donal Lynch (DoF), December 2017

Income Tax Revenue Elasticities in Ireland: an Analytical Approach, Research Series No.59

Authors: Jean Acheson (DoF), Yota Deli (ESRI), Derek Lambert (ESRI), Edgar Morgenroth (ESRI), March 2017

COSMO: A new COre Structural MOdel for Ireland, Working Paper No. 553

Authors: Adele Bergin (ESRI), Niall Conroy (ESRI), Abian Garcia Rodrigueza (ESRI), Dawn Holland (ESRI), Niall McInerney (ESRI), Edgar Morgenroth (ESRI) and Donal Smith (DoF), February 2017



Scenarios and Distributional Implications of a Household Wealth Tax in Ireland

Authors: Martina Lawless (ESRI) and Donal Lynch (DoF), November 2016

Modelling the Medium to Long Term Potential Macroeconomic Impact of Brexit on Ireland 

Authors: Adele Bergin (ESRI), Abien Rodriguez (ESRI), Niall McInerney (ESRI), Edgar Morgenroth(ESRI), Donal Smith (DoF), November 2016

Searching for the Inclusive Growth Tax Grail: The Distributional Impact of Growth Enhancing Tax Reform in Ireland

Authors: Brendan O’Connor, Terence Hynes, David Haugh (OECD), and Patrick Lenain (OECD), The Economic and Social Review, Volume 47, No 1, Spring 2016