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The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union presents unprecedented political, economic and diplomatic challenges for Ireland. The way in which we deal with these challenges will be a major factor in shaping the future of our island and our relationship with Britain for years to come.

As Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade with special responsibility for Brexit, Minister Coveney has responsibility for coordinating the whole-of-Government response to Brexit. In this capacity, Minister Coveney is working closely with his colleagues across Government, and with all Departments and Agencies charged with making Brexit a priority.

The Department of Finance has been assessing and preparing for the impact of Brexit since well before the referendum on 23 June 2016, with this work now intensified. The primary areas for the Department of Finance relate to the economic and financial sector implications stemming from Brexit. This work is being undertaken within the whole-of-Government framework coordinated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and is an important input to ensuring Ireland’s interests are protected throughout the negotiation process and in terms of minimising any adverse impacts on our economy.


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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade coordinate the whole-of-Government response to Brexit. To read more about the Government’s preparations, see this dedicated section on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. 

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