The Financial Stability Group (FSG)

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The Financial Stability Group (FSG) is a forum for senior officials from the Department of Finance (Secretary General, Assistant Secretary Banking Division), the Central Bank of Ireland (Governor, Deputy Governors) and National Treasury Management Agency (Chief Executive, Director Funding and Debt Management) to discuss financial stability issues.

The FSG is the successor to the Principals’ Group with a greater emphasis on forward-looking assessments of financial stability.  This emphasis is in line with the recommendations of the Banking Inquiry and the IMF’s 2016 assessment of the Irish financial sector.

The role and responsibilities of the FSG reflect its overall objective to support optimal financial stability arrangements that allow:

  • open discussion, based on effective sharing of information, and coordination of financial sector policies that could impinge on financial stability.
  • the assessment of risks, and the putting in place of appropriate contingency plans.

The FSG typically meets on a bi-monthly basis. The accounts of its meeting will be published three months in arrears.

The FSG may decide to omit information from the public record that is legally or commercially confidential, where it contains supervisory information, or where it is in the public interest to do so. 

The Financial Stability Group (FSG) Terms of Reference