FOI 230.2015 Signed Schedule of Records

02. 2015-07-09 – Timeline prepared for PAC

03. 2009 09 08 Note of NSMC (SEUPB) Meeting

04.Leaders Questions – Speaking Notes

05. C and AG Sales Examination

06. 2009-12-11 Briefing for Ministers meeting with Minister Wilson 2009-12-14

08.2010-04-21 DoF email to NAMA Chair re NIAC appointments

14. 2013 06 07 Agenda (Email) Minister Noonan and Wilson

17. 2013 09 26 DoF NAM Email Chain re Stormont Meeting arrangements

19. 2013 09 26 Briefing for 27 09 Stormont Meeting Cover Email

19. Audit Trail Timetable

20.NAMA PAC Appearance

21.Governance Procedures in place between DoF and NAMA

22.Bodies under Aegis Framework Database Form

23. 2014 03 27 Private Sec Email re Request for Phone call from First Minister

23.2013-01-21 Ltr from Donal Rooney CFO to DoF

24.General Statement

25.NAMA Legislation

26. 2015-07-03 NAMA Press Statements

26. NAMA Reporting Structure

27. 2015 07 03 Various Press Statements

27. NAMA Oversight

28. Geoghan Advisory Group

29. Is there a Code of conduct for NAMA staff

30. What procedures are in place to ensure confidentiality of docume

31. NAMA Sales

32.How are sales processes conducted

33. 2015-03-19 Cerberus Background Note

33.Does NAMA sell loans without placing such loans on the open mark

34.What is the Valuation methodology

35.How many properties have been sold by NAMA to former Employees

36.Have any employees of NAMA resigned and subseqently engaged

37.What procedures exist to avoid conflicts of interest

38.What is NAMAs role in relation to properties held by their debto

39.Can the Minister intervene in a dispute with a debtor regarding

41. NAMA Section 227 – Draft Master – Future Strategic Direction

44. NAMA DOF Meeting Presentation April 2015_Redacted


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