FOI Publication Scheme

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme for the Department of Finance under section 8(6) Freedom of Information, Act 2014

April 2016


Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act, 2014 requires the preparation and publication of a publication scheme by each FOI body.

The purpose of this process is to provide information about the operations of the Department and the Minister for Finance in an open and accessible manner on a routine basis. It also allows for the publication of information outside of FOI where the provision of information is not prohibited by law.

The Department will be pro-active and will publish material regularly under this scheme. The Department is open to suggestions on the types and content of material that could be published regularly under this scheme in addition to the published material already available on the Department’s website.  Suggestions for additional publications can be made to

The section 8 scheme of the Department is set out in this document and it follows the format of the model publication scheme as approved by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

The sections are linked to individual pages on the Department’s website rather than to specific documents and material relevant to the specific section can be found on each webpage.