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The Department’s mission is to manage Government finances and play a central role in the achievement of the Government’s economic and social goals having regard to the Programme for Government. In this way we will play a leadership role in the improvement of the standards of living of Irish citizens.

In pursuing our mission, the Department is working for the period 2015 to 2017 towards achieving the following Strategic Goals:

  • A sustainable macroeconomic environment and sound public finances.
  • A balanced and equitable economy enabled by a restructured, vibrant, secure and well regulated financial sector.

We will do this by providing independent, impartial and well informed evidence based advice to the Minister and Government on the most appropriate economic, taxation and budgetary policies to maintain national debt on a downward path. We will also advise on and implement the policies that will ensure that Ireland’s financial system will be able to operate on a stable, sustainable and commercial basis.

We recognise that economic growth is not an end in itself. Instead it is a means to achieving equitable living standards and social recovery in a manner that is felt in the daily lives of individuals, families and communities across the country through stability, growth and job creation.

In undertaking this the Department, on behalf of the Government, will engage at all levels with European and International institutions to foster Ireland’s economic and social interests and also to secure budgetary and economic stability to support the achievement of the full economic growth potential of all EU Member States, including Ireland.

The Framework of Assignments outlines the assignment of responsibilities by the Secretary General for the performance of functions under Section 4(1) of the Public Service Management Act 1997.

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