Exchequer Profiles

Image of tax revenue profiles publication cover

The tax revenue profiles set out the projected monthly receipts from each of the nine tax heads over the course of the year.
These profiles are consistent with the aggregate tax revenue forecast as published in the Budget.

Several of the taxes follow a non-linear payment pattern, e.g. the main VAT payment intervals fall on a bi-monthly basis, with volatility around key annual payment dates.

The profiles have been prepared following consultation with the Revenue Commissioners and have been adjusted for structural issues (e.g. timing issues, base effects or one-off events) which can impact upon the monthly receipts.

The “Big Four” tax heads (income tax, VAT, corporation tax and excise duties) account for about 95 per cent of the overall tax forecast. Income tax and VAT still remain the most significant elements, accounting for around 66 per cent of all taxes collected.


Archive of Exchequer Tax Revenue Profiles

Note: With effect from 2017, the Tax Profiles and Analytical Statements are included in the Fiscal Monitor and may be found here.