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  • 02.10.10

    The following statement was issued today (Monday, October 4th 2010) by the Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan, T.D. 

    An Exchequer deficit of €13,376 million was recorded at end-September 2010.  This compares to an Exchequer deficit of €20,158 million for the first nine months of 2009. 

  • 30.09.10


    It is an urgent and immediate priority to reinforce international market confidence in our ability and commitment to restore our banking system to health and to secure the long-term sustainability of our fiscal position.

  • 29.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan, TD, today signed a Commencement Order bringing the Central Bank Reform Act 2010 into law with effect from 1 October 2010. 

    The Minister said:

  • 29.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan, TD, has today appointed five members to the Central Bank Commission with effect from Friday, 1 October.

    As provided for in legislation, the terms of office of the first appointees will vary in length in order to ensure that future vacancies on the Commission will be staggered. The appointees and their terms of office are as follows:

  • 23.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan T.D. noted the publication today (23 September) of second quarter national accounts data.

    The Minister said:

  • 22.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan, T.D. has today formally appointed Mr Peter Nyberg as sole member of the Commission of Investigation into the banking sector in Ireland.

  • 21.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan, TD today welcomed the official announcement of the European Commission State aid approval for the extension of the Credit Institutions (Eligible Liabilities Guarantee) Scheme (the ‘ELG Scheme’) for short term bank liabilities, including corporate and interbank deposits as well as debt securities to 31st December 2010.  The Minister said:

  • 15.09.10

    The Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan T.D., today said:

  • 10.09.10

    Following the Minister’s announcement on 2 June that an Independent Review would be carried out into the systems structures and processes used by the Department of Finance in relation to those elements of economic management that are relevant to its role and operations, the Minister now wishes to advise that the following individuals have been appointed to the Review Panel:

  • 08.09.10

    The Minister for Finance today briefed his Government colleagues on the strategic options for the future of Anglo Irish Bank. The Minister conveyed to the Government the views of the Board of Anglo Irish Bank, the Central Bank, the National Treasury Management Agency, the Department of Finance, the EU Commission and his own assessment of the position.